Bag of Donuts

Style(s): 80’s, Disco, Rock, Top 40, Tribute Act

Bag of Donuts cover a wide variety of music from the 1960’s through today’s alternative 2004 including TV shows and Movies. They are a New Orleans based band who are known for their wild stage antics, outlandish costumes and strange renditions of popular songs. Since 1988, they have entertained and “offended” thousands of people stealing their hearts and other peoples songs. Bag of Donuts remain a professional band with an outstanding reputation winning “Best New Cover Band” in 1997’s Best of the Beat awards in New Orleans and “Best Cover Band” in 2000, 2001 & 2003 Best of the Beat awards in New Orleans. In March of 1999 the Donuts released their debut CD “Glazed and Confused.” Two years later they released their much anticipated live CD, “Live in New Orleans,” recorded at a sold out show at House of Blues.

The band is made up of five characters. John Duplantis is the easily lovable front man who can make an audience leave their worries at the door and enter a world of sheer stupidity, hilarity, and rock and roll bliss. Kevin George is the thunder behind the storm, clowning on the drums, and is the main song writer of the band. Steve Bouton is the lead guitarist whose witty wisecracks and vocals keep the crowd on their toes. Jonathan Hoerner is the Kiss look-alike guitarist who makes sure the crowd doesn’t forget the show is rock and roll and comedy. Jerry Christopher, more stupidity and jaw-dropping bass playing. These five members have many years of road training and entertainment under their belts and are ready to take this project to the next level.

The Donuts need to be seen to be appreciated! They are guaranteed to make an audience of any ages laugh and enjoy themselves provided the audience has beating hearts. With a little luck and lots of hope, the world will come to know these whimsical, witty, yet humble fellows.