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Jason DeVore (vocals), Bill Marcks (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Wood (bass/vocals), and Jim Wilcox (drums) comprise the exotic punk sound of Authority Zero. Formed in Mesa, AZ, in 1994, Authority Zero initially started off as a five-piece with vocalist Jerry Douglas. Douglas left the group in 1999, but remained an integral part of the Authority Zero family. Over the course of the ’90s, the band eagerly pushed its sound, playing countless house parties, colleges, and club shows in and around Arizona.

They quickly drew comparisons to Rage Against the Machine, and the local independent label Zia Records caught on. In 2001, Zia issued Authority Zero’s debut, self-titled EP. College radio immediately jumped on the band, as the heavy drive of “One More Minute” and “Sky’s the Limit” became moderate hits. That same year, Authority Zero scaled back on the riveting metal-like sound for structured hard rock that accented the band’s multi-cultural backgrounds and diverse musical tastes. Atlantic’s label sibling Lava signed Authority Zero within months of the Authority Zero EP becoming Zia’s best-selling release. The band’s full-length debut, A Passage in Time, appeared in fall 2002, containing nods to influences like Bad Religion, Dick Dale, Manu Chao, and Sublime. Tours with Guttermouth and H2O followed, spending time on the Warped Tour as well, and as the word-of-mouth buzz continued to spread, the band found itself having to play local shows under various alias in order to stay close to their hometown scene. Writing their next album in the span of a month, the band returned in 2004 with the culturally diverse and Latin-flavored Andiamo, produced by Ryan Greene (Lagwagon, Strung Out).

Subsequent touring and their deal with Lava done, the live acoustic Rhythm and Booze appeared in June 2006 on Suburban Noize. Dates with Zebrahead were played that fall, during which time Wood exited and the band carried on with a temporary replacement. Authority Zero returned in late January 2007 with the faster skatepunk sounds of 12:34, again with production by Greene, and hit the road in support of it on dates with Rehab.

Authority Zero is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.