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Ever the centre of the chichi brigade, Paris is once again proving why it’s a cultural Mecca. Spawning Alma Elste, the city is offering up one of its brightest musical denizens to the wider world, and giving Lana Del Rey’s cinematic zeitgeist-tastic pop a continental contender. There’s a smattering of Lorde-isms, in that the synthwork is firm but flighty and full of nostalgic nods to the past. It’s a de rigueur tone that’s being championed by a elite caste of dramatic chanteuses. There’s also a distinct Summer Camp-ness to the timbre of her noises (as in the band, not a sunny flamboyance). Her masterful, serene, golden-gullet vox are as washed out and blasé as Elizabeth Sankey, but the nonchalant apathy implies much more emotion that you may think. It’s a restrained, bedraggled weariness. Kind of like passing out during a fist-fight.

Elste’s first track, ‘Virtualism’, hit the Internet recently, taking musos unaware and unprepared for the sheer talent about to unfold. Given the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the track, she’s not going to remain unsigned and unknown for much longer – when we start getting meatier releases on our plate, she’ll skyrocket towards bright lights like the pop starlet that’s blatantly aching to break free.

Alma Elste is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.