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Allan Rayman’s sound can’t be replicated. Although his roots are firmly planted in hip hop, blues and americana inspired pop culture, it’s the honesty and desperation of his dark underbelly that is undeniably his own. Allan is a performance artist. His music has been captured in records that have captured an international audience. Still, it’s his live performances that make him an experience – hundreds of loyal fans pushed into a downtown Toronto venue, hanging onto his every word. Allan’s music is his message. The artistic imagery surrounding his career – often compared to Quentin Terrentino, receiving praise of cinefiles nationwide – is his vision.

In 2014 Allan accomplished exactly what he set out to do. We know his name, we recognize his brand and his contagious and powerful sound has caught the attention of major labels across the world. 2015 will change everything.

If you ask Allan if 2015 is the beginning of his legacy, you might not get a straight answer. Allan’s legacy begins in the heart break of love lost, in the grime and shadow of winter bars, in the smoke stained walls and white noise of roadside motels. In reams of poetry. In songs that none of us will hear.

Allan Rayman is available for corporate events, private shows, milestone celebrations (birthday, anniversary), fundraisers, festivals, and more.